Tobias Baumann is a graduate of Zurich's University of the Arts where he completed a BA in Game Design. Following his graduation in 2009 he continued to work as a freelancer for various film, visual effects, 3D, graphic- and web-design projects. In 2009 he won the Unity Awards, with his thesis game “Doppelscope”, in the category “Best Visual Design”. In the same year he also received a scholarship from the Independent Game Developers Association to visit the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. In 2012 he spent some time in New York as a Tech Artist redesigning the whole user interface for the multiplayer game “Guns of Icarus Online” by Muse Games.

Tobias is best known for his abstract and innovative game concepts. He has exceptional abilities in visual design and in quickly developing game prototypes. With around 250k downloads, and many Let’s Play videos by famous Youtubers, his multiplayer game “Suicide Survival” can be consider his biggest success thus far. 

Following the rapid success of the Oculus Rift, Tobias started conducting his own research and development into motion capture hardware and virtual reality. With the ultimate goal to bring the whole body into the game world as an interaction device. During this research he contacted Beijing Noitom Technology Limited was invited to work with them on a secret motion capture technology. In the summer of 2014, Tobias joined the Beijing R&D team and helped drive the game development side of the project. He also developed various game interaction examples using the novel technology. It was later announced to the world as Project Perception Neuron. Following a very successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Mr. Baumann got hired as Director of Game Development. He’s now in charge of developing the SDK of Perception Neuron as well as exploring the prospects of using real time motion capture data for video game experiences.


- Unity Awards, Best Visual Design for Doppelscope
- IGDA GDC Schoolarship.


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   Tobias can be contacted trough the following methods:   E-Mail ,  Twitter ,  Linkedin


Tobias can be contacted trough the following methods: